Status Anxiety NZ Review

status anxiety nz

Status Anxiety NZ has the mission to help those with all types of anxiety and or depression. We offer a very unique approach to treating all different types of Anxiety and Depression, we believe if one product can treat it, than another could possibly do the same for another. For instance, Depression Anxiety ranges from mild to severe. There are many levels and symptoms of Depression Anxiety.


This includes but is not limited to: Agoraphobia: Fear of enclosed spaces, like public toilets or restaurants. Social Phobia: An overwhelming fear of being in groups or social situations. Post Traumatic Stress: Usually a result of a traumatic experience in someone’s life. Now this can be applied to all Anxiety and Depression types, it also covers a wide range of fears and phobias as well.


Here is the problem: we (Status Anxiety NZ) are selling an all inclusive package which consists of: a book, DVDs, Beads, Magnets, Cleaning Materials, Bath Treatments, Bath Therapy Equipment, a Magnifying Glass and other miscellaneous items. The key selling point is the fact that this is all inclusive. The problem is: most Anxiety and Depression type disorders are either very difficult to diagnose or don’t have a definitive cause… yet they still exist in our society. This makes them very resistant to the normal and traditional treatment methods. It also means that there is no cure.

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