Why Install Matilda Turf in Your Windsor Lawn?

matilda turf windsor

Matilda turf windsor is a new addition to the Premium Turf Market in Australia. The grass has great winter colour retention and is hardwearing, making it perfect for busy areas. It is ideal for full sun or 80% shade. It has a dense growing habit and is soft to touch. This grass also provides excellent protection from weeds and is an attractive choice for residential lawns. Here are some reasons to install this lawn type:

How to Install Matilda Turf in Your Windsor Lawn?

This Australian lawn variety is easy to care for, is very durable, and requires less water than other varieties. In colder months, you can water it once or twice a week, and once a month in the summer. It is also tolerant of shade and drought. This makes it the perfect choice for outdoor living and office areas. Its softness and excellent colour make it the perfect choice for both residential and commercial applications.

When it comes to maintenance, this grass is easy to maintain. It needs low watering, and it has a medium-large leaf. However, it can become patchy when exposed to too much sun. This makes it unsuitable for high-traffic areas. As a result, mowing height should be kept between 35mm and 60mm. Because of its low maintenance requirements, this grass is ideal for residential and commercial applications.

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